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100% Cashmere Plain Knit Baby Blanket

100% Cashmere Plain Knit Baby Blanket
100% Cashmere Plain Knit Baby Blanket
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100% classic hand knitted cashmere baby blanket, the ultimate luxury for a new born baby. Made in solid plain colour design from soft and pure cashmere / pashmina wool in Nepal by the experienced artisan. Every newly born baby needs warm and comfort right after the birth and hence this baby blanket is enough to meet both of these purposes. The blanket is light in weight, soft and warm and can be used as baby wrap throw. Try this lovely and luxurious baby blanket to keep your beautiful baby warm or to take it as a gift for baby showers.


  • 2 X 2 Ply
  • Size (approx.): 90 cm X 90 cm
  • Weight (approx.): 225 grams
  • Colour: Pink, Light Pink, Blue, Sky Blue, Baby Green and Cream White

Why Pashmina/Cashmere?

Pashmina/cashmere is the warmest natural insulation in the world. Fabric made of Pashmina is warm and comfortable to the wearer, and it has excellent draping qualities and soft texture. The fiber, which absorbs and retains moisture much like wool. Pashmina is used mainly for shawls and scarves, fine coat, dress, and suit fabrics and for high-quality knitwear and hosiery. 
Pashmina became known for its use in beautiful shawls and other handmade items produced in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Kashmir (India). In the early 19th century Pashmina shawls reached their greatest popularity, and the shawls of England, France, and the town of Paisley, Scotland, were made to imitate the original pashmina / cashmere shawls, sweaters and other products.

Perhaps nothing epitomise the glorious history of Himalayan craftsmanship, as warmly and beautifully, as does the cashmere. A legacy of the Great Moghuls of erstwhile Indian Empire evolved over three hundred years under the patronage of four different rules. The romance of Pashmina really reached its Zenith, when it cast its spell over the European royalty. It is said that in 1796, Abdullah Khan, the Afghan Governor of Kashmir gifted an exquisite Pashmina shawl to Sayyid Yahya, a visitor of Baghdad. Yahya presented the shawl to the Khedive in Egypt who in turn, presented it to Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon found the shawl fit to adorn the shoulders of the future Empress Josephine. Such was the fascination of the Western world for these exotic Eastern masterpieces, that no bride’s trousseau, no noble women's wardrobe was complete, without a cashmere.

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