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11cm Rainbow Felt Ball Tea Coasters

11cm Rainbow Felt Ball Tea Coasters

Get ready to discover the most beautiful, unique and the best quality Felt Ball Tea Coasters!

With our 100% handmade Rainbow felt ball tea coasters, you can feel like your cup of tea is complete, these coasters will not only serve you as tea coasters but fulfil your needs also as a part of home decoration, kitchen decoration or anywhere you like to keep these gorgeous coasters. 

Our tea coasters are made of durable, non-toxic and premium quality materials combining the traditional craftsmanship of household women in Nepal. So your purchase help to empower and lighten up their lives as well. 

Check out some of the unique features;

  •       Available in various shape with attractive color combinations.
  •       Made of 100% natural sheep wool.
  •       Can be used on both sides.
  •       Eco-friendly – No harmful chemicals.
  •       Soft, Light and Bright.
  •       Durable. Last for a long time.
Product specifications (approx);

  •        Origin: Nepal
  •        Coaster size: 11cm - 11.5cm (Round)
  •        Weight: 52gram
  •        Felt ball size: 1cm - 1.2cm 
  •        Color combination: Rainbow
  •        Package quantity: 2 
Wash instructions:

  •     Spot clean with water and mild soap or dry clean

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