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Nursery Felt Ball Rugs

Felt Ball Rugs

Felt Ball Rugs have become very popular item nowadays in the area of home, office and baby nursery decoration. When it comes to finding the right décor for your home, many of the ones on the market can seem too stuffy and plain. You want something that's colourful and exciting, and reflects just how fun you are. That's why you should consider felt ball rug for your home because they do just that. Handmade rugs or mats constructed from woollen felt balls can be a unique way of spicing up a room, whether it's your kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, nursery, kids room or near your entry way. So if you're looking for a soft felt wool rug that can add some much-needed colour to your home, then you've come to the right place. We make felt ball rug in a verities of shape and colour combination like round, square or rectangular felt ball rug. Our freckle rugs are like nothing else you'll find on the market, as they're each made with an attention to detail and with the care that's needed to create long lasting rugs.

We ship worldwide from two locations Nepal & Australia. Normally we stock rugs in Melbourne and ship to our Australian customers from our stock. For countries other than Australia, we ship directly from Nepal. If you need custom Felted Ball Rug with your preferred design and size, please contact us

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